Wonderfruit Bamboo Hall

Wonderfuit is Thailand’s first eco-friendly music and lifestyle festival. The founders commissioned us to create a sustainable multi-purpose hall that could be used for many different activities including banquets, performances, workshops etc. The structure is designed to last 5 years until the festival moves to another site.

The festival site is not far from the beaches of Pattaya and the structure is conceived as five lean-to bamboo arches that resemble boat sails. We collaborated with bamboo specialist Chiangmai Life Construction to develop a series of bundled bamboo beams that could span 18 meters across -clear of any columns. The bamboo sails then rest on a steel scaffolding/signage structure that would double-up as a huge outdoor movie screen. In the second phase, we planned a staircase that would lead the festival goers up the steel signage structure to enjoy abirds eye view of the festival grounds, as well as to enjoy the spectacular sunsets over the Gulf of Thailand that is about 25 kilometers away.

The materials used, bamboo and red bricks were locally sourced. We had a very short time to complete the project which meant that it had to be a fast and intense, design-built process that involved a lot of on-site work.


  • 2014


  • 600 sq.m


  • Chonburi, Thailand